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(WebChat powered by KiwiIRC.)

This web-based chat client will work in any web browser, and does not require any special setup or port forwarding.  You should be able to use it behind almost any firewall that allows web traffic (port 80) by default.  It also works on mobile web-enabled devices, such as the Nokia 770, N800, or iPhone.

Please change your Nickname before joining.  Simply click in the "Nickname" text box and type your desired nickname.  Otherwise you will be assigned a random nickname like “kiwi_12345" which isn't terribly conducive towards friendly and efficient communication. ;-)

You will automatically be placed into the #help channel.  If you wish to join a different channel, type its name into the "Channel" text field; or, if you have already connected to IRC, issue the command "/join #channel-name."

To see a list of official BorgChat channels, check the Channel List.

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