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2015-08-17 Lots of upgrades

Sorry for the long absence. We’ve made a lot of changes around here. We’ve upgraded to a new version of the IRC software; unfortunately this means you will have to re-register your nicks and channels. However, our server now supports SSL connections on port 6697. We also have a new, much nicer looking web chat client, powered by KiwiIRC. Enjoy!

2009-10-03 BorgChat Servers and Services Upgrade

All BorgChat servers have (finally) been upgraded to a more modern version of the IRC software.  This was done mainly because the older code is now becoming harder to compile (in some cases impossible to compile) on the latest Linux distributions.  But this also gives us some additional features, including hostname protection (people can now no longer ascertain your hostname by doing a /whois).

Unfortunately, you will need to re-register your nicks and channels with Services.  I was unable to convert the old Services database to the format required by the new version of Services.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

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